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Fiber: not sexy but necessary

Why do we have to keep talking about fiber?  I know, it’s easy to be empathetic about it.  After all you don’t really know the importance of it until something has gone wrong.  But who wants to wait for that?

If you have been a dieter, particularly a low carber, you have experienced the effects of less food and less fiber…this is nothing short of uncomfortable, right?  When you finally have that BM, whew!  That is soooo much better.  So give this article a shot, it can shed some light on why fiber is so amazing and why we should be getting enough of it

Fiber – It’s Natures Broom

Holiday tips that won’t crash your entire plan

Whew!  Are you about as overwhelmed as I am with all the holiday stuff as I am?  It feels like all my best laid fitness and nutrition plans are about to get royally sabotaged…and I am not exaggerating. Doubletime/holiday schedule at work, kids need secret Santa gifts, so-and-so is having a potluck…ugh!

Fear no more…John Berardi, founder of Precision Nutrition lays out some strategies and survival tactics to make it through this year unscathed.


Check out his article here

Maple Pecans…without fluffing your waistline

I don’t know about you, but nothing says the holidays like candied pecans…but I always eat too many and feel guilty about the extra intake.

Worry no more…

These pecans are off the chain!  And to think they are oil free…and whole-food healthy-ish!

Check them out here, they are quick AND easy AND healthy!

How to Diet on Vacation

So…you have a vacation planned.  You have been saving and planning for months.

You have been eating right, working out…maybe even getting cut so you can show off your beautiful vacation bod.  NOW you are stressing about how to continue eating and lifting and cutting on vacation.  Right?

“I need to bring my blender, my resistance bands, OMG is there a gym there? Does the hotel have gluten free bread?  I am only eating vegetables and protein on vacation.”

Have you completely lost it?  You have been planning this for months!  Enjoy yourself!  Have a few bites of dessert, enjoy an after dinner drink…try that French toast.  ‘Cause you know what?  When you get home, you are gonna feel deprived.  You might even have some nervous energy and binge eat,  or stuff your face full of something you wish you hadn’t, allllll because you were neurotic on vacation.  Stop It!

You have been working on feeling amazing for months.  Are you really gonna “undo” it all in a week of relaxing?  Short answer or long, sassy answer?  Haha  No. You won’t.

Relax, have fun, go to the gym…or not.  Enjoy some chocolate, eat late…or early.  Throw your schedule off a bit and really.  Enjoy. Your. Time. Away….Really.

You’re welcome.

Do You Really Need to Eat 6x per Day?

So this seems to be a heated debate…do you REALLY lose more fat/feed more muscle eating every few hours?  My experience as a coach has shown me that balancing blood sugar is a huge factor in maintaining satiety, curbing cravings and helping with energy levels.  But what about “stoking the fire” and all those arguments?

Do you like to eat twice per day?  Just once?  How about every 2 hours?

Check out this article, compiling many pieces of data, pretty interesting.

Weightloss: How to Eat?


Your bodyweight is dependent on your total caloric intake more than on your macronutrient ratios.  Many people in training or trying to lose weight think they need certain ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, fats.  Increased caloric intake as an independent variable is the one factor we can point fingers at to blame for fat-gain, not vilifying food groups or ingredients.

It is so hard to swallow when people cut out entire food groups or ingredients, i.e. no high fructose corn syrup, no gluten, etc.

Really what we should be looking at is our overall intake.  If that means we increase vegetables to consume larger quantities to fit into our daily allowance, so be it.

Check it out here